Rubber Macinery Mixing Facility


President message

We make it seems to be marvelous!
It wants to make a unique product from originality high, creative, technological activity, and to contribute to the society.
We assume keeping making an always useful, for world new hardware and software to be a mission, and are requesting the existence value.
Our company establishes starting from the supply of the environmental preservation equipment, and develops the automatic machine device of the rubber kneading factory with the development manufacturing. A lot of production lines have been delivered to domestic and foreign powerful rubber enterprise. Those machine device groups are convinced that they were able to contribute to the improvement and the reduction in costs of the quality of the part industry that expands as the automobile engineering develops greatly.
In the hardware section it works on the development with recycling, the end processing, and the pollution control of a real, essential waste based on current technological accumulation now. The developments such as "Industrial automatic machine device that demonstrates the latest, high productivity", "Machine device in which the quality improvement function is provided", and "Machine device with high safety" are advanced in the rubber industry at the same time.
In the software section we announce the "Information Technology products".
It is possible to connect with the meter of various all over the world, manufacturers. And it is offered to ISO9000 and the PRTR method together with "Rubber kneading management system". With "Rubber kneading management system" it promotes "Quality assurance","Productivity improvement" and "Security" of the production line.These systems are also in "Production line of the medicine" results, and have high reliability.
We have advanced global development on the other hand.
Acquisition of domestic dealership and a special manufacturer of bromine are the development technical tie-ups of world's largest Great Lake Chemicals Co. (USA) and the fixed quantity supply device to Farrel Co. (USA) of a rubber plastic machine manufacturer from sales right granting of the American district and Chronos Richardson Co. (UK) of the meter and the fine particle air transportation system. Global market information is collected to Kumyong Yamato Scale Ltd. of the South Korea major meter manufacturer by advancing sales, manufacturing, and the technical tie-up of the processing technology indication etc. to granting and the WUXI pump factory (China) of the manufacturing right, and setting up a European office in UK.
In export, it exports directly to risk and the major company including DuPont company (USA). The product development that makes the global market a target is promoted, and an overseas aim will be made aggressively in the future.
We are esteeming a new technology as a development type enterprise. Our company has, applies for a lot of patents, and the patent will be promoted as an important strategy problem in the future.
"Supply of original product"
"Development of commodity that can be globally accepted"
"Prompt aftercare"
"Proposal of goods which brings a customer profits"
"Offer of safe commodity"
These are our rule.
We continue challenging from now on at "New Craftsmanship."

The President and Representative Director
Tatsuo Yada


1-65 Ogoso Higashi 2 chome, Yokkaichi City, Mie Prefecture, 510-0951, Japan
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